Don't Throw it away. Recycle It!

We'll recycle your old Computers - Working or Not

What we recycle: What we do not:
Computers: Towers, Desktops Computer Items caked with mud
Laptops, Notebooks & Peripherals TV's & VCR's
Software, Cables, Cell Phones & PDAs Monitors with broken picture tubes
IC Chips, CPUs, Cards, & Components Non Computer Related Items
We take monitor units and printers but sometime must charge a small fee
to help with cost.

  Why Recycle

  As our lands fill up with people, they fill up with trash as well. Land fills are filling up faster then the trash can decay. Land is for people, not for trash.

Computers and other consumer electronics are especially bad for land fills, listed are several reasons why. First is they have a very slow rate of decay. Second, it is estimated that over 500 million units will become obsolete this year, this alone could cause a land fill crisis. Third is the depletion of metals. And forth and most importantly is that modern electronics are made out of metals and materials that are harmful to the environment, but when recycled properly pose no harm and can be reused.

  How We Help

  Tearing the units down to bare components, we find alternative uses for the components that test good. The rest are separated by metals and then recycled as base metals and plastic. Monitor picture tubes have leaded glass in them and have to be handled with expertise, thus the need to charge a disposal fee for these.

Truth is, most companies charge a disposal fee for handling. We have found other means to pay for the handling and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something for the environment. We all realize that no one is going to get rich off of selling old computer parts for junk, but when everyone does their part, the world can be a little cleaner.


  Delivery or pickup

  There are at least three ways to get your old computers to us. First is you may deliver to our drop site in Lindale, Texas. Please call our computer services office for a time and directions, at. 903-882-9954. Our hours tend to change from time to time so it is important to call first, or e-mail

Second is pickup. We will arrange pickup of your old computer items for a small fee. This fee will be waived when ever possible, depending on the items up for recycling and quantity. Typically the fee is only $50 per load, but is usually waved in the Lindale area.

Third is to ship them to us. Just package them up securely and ship them to:
Computer Recycling
401 S. Main St.
Lindale, TX 75771

Once we receive the package, the items will be inspected and processed.

Monitors and printers will not be accepted VIA mail. It would be best to find a local recycling center near you for these items. Please see the "What we do not take" section of this page for terms and more details.

  What We do Not take

  There are items that we do not take, or that we charge to take. We do not handle appliances, tv's, vcr's, etc...
We take only computer related items & cell phones and accessories.

All items submitted for recycling must be free of mud, tar, paint or any other such material besides dust. They must not be smashed or other wise mutilated. We reserve the right to refuse any item, for any reason.

Any item with a picture tube (has to be computer related, or not accepted) may be charged a small fee to help with cost. The charge is only to cover the extra cost of recycling.

Printers may also carry a small disposal fee. Plotters are accepted without a fee. Copy machines are accepted at times, please call to make sure.

Our conditions for acceptance may change from time to time. We make no guarantee, expressed or implied that we will take any item at any time.

Please note:
Our drop sites are not dumping grounds. Any unauthorized delivery, either in person or by mail will have criminal charges brought against the person or persons responsible.

Below are Items that have a collectable value and we'll pay you shipping (& then some) for.

Commodore Computers, parts & peripherals. Especially those with the CMD label. This includes but is not limited to CMB: C=64 C=128 64C 1541C 1581 1541 1571 Vic20 1902 1401 1402 1750 1701 SIM chips, any cartridge expansion boards or chips; CMD: RAMLink FD-2000 FD-4000 HD series FD series JiffyDOS SuperCPU REU

Amiga Computers, parts & peripherals. Especially those with the New Tech and Video Toaster labels. This includes but is not limited to: Amiga 500 600 1200 1000 2000 3000 3000T 4000 4000T 1200 Tower, any expansion boards or chips.

Any working monitors in these brands will NOT be charged a disposal fee, regardless of the cosmetic condition, but may not be worth the shipping. Please contact us for specific details.


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